National Centre for Service Improvement


    Strategy Development Candidate Information

    Candidate Instructions

    In this exercise, you will assume the role of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) Manager for National Centre for Service Improvement (NCSI). You recently have been promoted to this position after the previous Manager, Japi Nale retired unexpectedly because of illness. You are pleased with this promotion although it occurred much sooner than you expected to get it.

    National Centre for Service Improvement (NCSI) must make some tough decisions concerning its future including the role of the Customer Service Centre. Your task in this exercise is to review all the documentation enclosed in this booklet to produce your strategy and recommendations for action in structuring and managing the Customer Service Centre in a more effective manner. The enclosed documentation represents relevant information that your secretary has extracted from Japi Nale’s in-tray and recent messages that may be relevant to this task. Once you have reviewed the enclosed documentation, you will have to prepare your presentation which will include your strategies, plans, and recommendations for the improved structure and management of the Customer Service Centre.

    In your presentation, you need to clearly show:

    • A plan regarding the best ways to improve the functioning of the Customer Service Centre.
    • Action steps to implement this plan.
    • Any opportunities the Customer Service Centre can capitalize on to streamline communications with residents in Kwekwe; and
    • Ideas to strengthen the capacity of the Customer Service Centre.
    You will have two (2) hours to review the relevant documentation and prepare the presentation.

    In this exercise, you will be assessed on:

    • Your analysis of the current situation.
    • Your decisions and recommendations for action.
    • How you involve others and assign responsibilities to people in your organization or outside it to help achieve objectives.
    • How well you communicate your ideas.
    • The action plans you present to implement the strategies/ decisions/ actions.
    • The creativity with which you consider strategies and options in solving the present problems; and
    • Your proposed approach to managing and improving the delivery of services to customers
    You now have 2 hours to review the enclosed documentation and prepare for your presentation. It is advisable to prepare a PowerPoint for your presentation which you will share virtually using the zoom platform.

    You will then meet with a team of senior officials where you are expected to state your plan, fully explaining the basis for your strategy and recommendations. You will have 30 minutes uninterrupted to present your recommendations for action. Attempt to use all the available time in the 30-minute presentation section of this exercise. The officials will then ask you follow-up questions for a further period of up to 15 minutes.


    Please note that in this exercise you will be assessed on your oral presentation and answers to questions, and not on the content of what you may have written as part of your preparation for the presentation.

      For this exercise, today’s date is Wednesday, November 22, 20XX. Please note that the NSCI financial year runs from January to December.

      (Please Note: “20XX” means the current year; “20XX – 1” means one year ago; “20XX – 2” means two years ago, etc.).

      You now have 2 hours to review the documentation and to prepare for your presentation. Please click "Next" to begin.