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Management Consulting and Training

REDMA is a management-consulting and management-training firm that specialises in providing Assessments, Executive Coaching and Facilitation services to client organisations, as well as client-based management development interventions.

Discover, Transform, Unlock, Resolve
Learn how REDMA can help you unlock the potential of your organisation. Our assessment, development, and process consulting services will help you identify key metrics for improvement.

Assessment Centres are one of the most reliable tools available to assess candidates for recruitment and development. REDMA uses world recognised assessment instruments that ensure practical outcomes both in recruitment/selection and development

Leadership Assessments

REDMA’s client intervention system takes the form of facilitation and other experiential adult learning techniques thus creating environments for interactive collective learning which also ensures that the action plans are carried through to the work place.

Management and Leadership Development

REDMA’s professional staff are Executive Coaches who are International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited. We provide individual and team coaching activities for Executives around the world. REDMA coaching activities can be done face to face or virtually.

Executive Coaching

REDMA has the expertise to act as facilitators to help groups deal with issues involving processes including, team building, conflict management, effective meetings, strategic planning, succession and organisational retreats

Process Consulting
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