Management and Leadership Development

REDMA’S client intervention system takes the form of facilitation and other experiential adult learning techniques; thus, creating environments for interactive collective learning, ensuring that the action plans are carried through the work place.

Essentially this entails designing performance improvement activities in such a manner that:

A great deal of attention is put on both the process and the content of the activity.

Emphasis is placed in building of group consensus and team work among programme participants.

The performance improvement activities focus on empowering the participants to manage their own learning and implementation process.

The learning process is based on experience.

Training leads to performance improvement and action planning by each participant.

Follow-up mechanisms are incorporated in most activities to continuously assist participants implement their action plans.

REDMA offers a wide range of customized development programmes including:

A workshop that covers listening skills, facilitation skills, giving and receiving feedback skills and planning and communicating work expectations.

This is a particular type of structured interview in which the interviewer’s questioning is directed at ascertaining the candidate’s qualities or capabilities on a number of specific job-related dimensions of behaviour (competencies) identified for the position. REDMA assists its clients to identify the competencies needed for the position; and build interviewing skills and confidence of interviewers for more accurate selection decisions. A substantial amount of time is provided for participants to practice all the ingredients of CBI through the use of video cameras for instant feedback. In the end there is increased efficiency and effectiveness in the employee selection process. REDMA CBI’S can be done on location or virtually.

A hands on workshop that covers design and development of assessment and development centres including , competency models and job analysis, assessment methods, generic assessor skills including observation, recording, classifying, and evaluation, integration report writing and feedback.

This programme focuses on assisting leaders to become professional leadership coaches utilizing competencies and methodologies developed and approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF). The learning process allows for higher self to emerge so that participants can support their clients through a transformative coaching journey. In the end, participants lean how to become the best leaders of their Inner Team while at the same time supporting others to develop their own leadership drive. The programme offers initial knowledge, skills and hours that are necessary to become accredited as professional coaches by ICF.

A practical workshop that will allow participants to develop the essential process for facilitating various interventions including, designing facilitation process tools, creating effective process designs, structuring and leading decision making processes and managing dysfunctional behaviours and effective interventions.

This is a blended programme that focuses on how best to execute and implement organizational strategies and get sustainable results out of their teams and staff. Research shows that great managers are key for organizations to remain relevant and produce the desired results. This programme focuses on four key team leadership areas, namely, influence and showing direction; focus on sustainable results; developing team competencies; and managing differences. People learn best by doing and therefore this blended programme utilizes experiential learning techniques which combines classroom work, practical project, virtual learning, assessments, feedback and coaching.

A workshop that covers the nature of negotiation including strategising, framing and planning; strategy and tactics of distributive and integrative negotiation, finding and using negotiation leverage.

More than 99% of our participants who have attended REDMA workshops have rated them highly and indicated that they would strongly recommend the workshops to colleagues and even supervisors. REDMA also conducts a wide range of Leadership and Management Programmes on demand for various clients particularly in the Eastern and Southern African Sub Region.